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Customers can be just plain gross...

Quick update -

So, I was serving on the till in our shop when these customers came in and I kid you not when I say that they were covered in blood...now, me being of logical and sound mind just smiled and nodded. Mainly because around this way you don't question things like this...you just carry on as if there is nothing wrong and that the blood is obviously just a figment of your imagination.

I am hoping that they had just been hunting or something but at the very least you would have thought that they would have washed their hands and I was loathe to touch the money they were handing over. Plus, one of the girls kept putting her eftpos card in her mouth then handing it over...I'm not squeamish but there are somethings that you just don't do - for hygiene's sake...

So, I know who I'm blaming if I get ill...


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Jun. 7th, 2010 02:07 am (UTC)
scary & gross!
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