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Okay so this is almost unheard of from me...three updates in a row...what on earth is going on?

Well, will the nearing of the end...for my course that is...I find myself wondering what to do...so I sometimes find myself emptying my brain onto this journal actually helps quite a bit...

I managed to breeze through another essay. Though I really shouldn't say breeze as it wasn't necessarily easy it is just that I am no longer overly concerned about getting good grades. I feel that my brain has done far too much work as it is.

Also, I am relishing the approaching time from when I can read books that I like again. You know it can get rather boring reading articles, essays and educational books all year. Though I have managed to squeeze some good books in here and there. Little Vonnegut and King...oh yeah.

Aside from that it's Sunday lunchtime and I was up till 2am this morning working on my essay and I forgot to turn my alarm off so it went at 6am...I know what you are thinking, why do I have an alarm set for a Sunday...well I used to have tutorials all day on a Sunday but no more...yay.

As I read back over this I realise that this is utter ramblings...but I'm going to post it...

Plus - 24 days left before I get to see my whanau in California! Yay