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Homeowner Extraordinaire

I'm now, officially, bills and all, a home owner. And this is scary as anything. I don't feel mature enough to have a house but here I am, owning one. Being all responsible and stuff. I was about to swear there but I still have some hesitation in regard to swearing in writing. Just another quirk.

The interesting thing is that I am finding 'mundane' chores almost a thrill. For example: I mowed my considerable lawn yesterday. By myself. (Though dad helped re: the 2 stroke oil petrol mix though I would have figured it out. I did work for Caltex for awhile so I know some things).

I will be getting flatmates in which is exciting and scary. They will be paying off my mortgage for me but I sometimes worry that I will play the hostess when it's their living space as well. Luckily they are people that I know. So, fingers crossed.

This is just a short post as guests have arrived.